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animal update

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Golly, the animals have been busy.  We have 4 chicks hatched.  I was promised they would hatch whilst I was on watch but they hatched a few days after Judith returned from her hols.  They are growing fast and in an ark at the moment so keep an eye out for them if you are visiting.  I have to confess I have a picture for you that Judith has sent me but I have a new phone after my last one went for a swim and I can’t get the picture off it – so just imagine 4 little chicks if you can!

The sheep have had their summer hair cut.  They look so small and naked now!  But with this glorious weather we have had down here, which has even made the evenings warm now they needed to have a trim.

Poor Alice the donkey has a sore nose.  She has ‘butter cup burn’. Judith was explaining to me that the pollen in the butter cups burns the donkeys noses if they get too much on them so each day Judith is busy rubbing ointment into her which is helping her lots.  She is particularly fond of a carrot at the moment to make her feel better so do indulge her if you see her (Alice that is, not Judith!).

If you like animals why not visit some of the lovely family places nearby.  Newquay Zoo has a lovely selection of animals, or my particular favourite is the Monkey Sanctuary.  We took our own picnic with us and found a lovely spot over looking the coast before admiring the monkeys.  Or you could always chance your luck and take a ride on the Fowey to Mevagissey Ferry.  At the moment you might be really lucky and get to see some dolphin, seals or basking sharks – check the ferry is running as it is very weather dependant.

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