Down On The Farm

This past week we’ve heard tales of crabbing, sunbathing and sunset walks from our guests, which can only mean one thing – summer is finally here! It’s been lovely to see our guests enjoying the sunshine, with children playing in the courtyard and parents becoming top barbecue chefs in the evenings. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the sunshine is here to stay!
However, we’ve also got some sad news to share with you all. We’ve recently said goodbye to one of our oldest residents at Tregongeeves, Alice, our white donkey. Rescued by Judith in the late 90’s, Alice and her daughter Angelica have lived on the farm for the past 18 years where they have become firm favourites with our guests. Alice was a real lady and loved because of her polite nature; you could always find her waiting patiently by the fence, ready to be groomed or to accept her favourite treat, a carrot.
We’ll all miss our Alice, but I’m happy to say that our other donkeys are their usual happy soles and are continuing to work their way through the acres of grass in the sunshine.