Rainy day ideas

It is 3.20pm and it has just stopped raining.  Luckily the whole of the country is like this however the weather man did say it was meant to be sunny and muggy here today so it is always disappointing when you wake up to find that horrible lingering mist that we are occasionally blessed with down here.

Do not despair though; there is  always something to to keep you entertained in Cornwall and we proved that last week when my parents visited and they tested out lots of places with Jessica who is now 13 months old.  They highly recommend Newquay Aquarium – it was very child friendly and the cafe was very accommodating too.  With a child that is almost walking the layout was good and allowed little people to get right up close to the glass.

I had the pleasure of visiting Newquay Zoo with them and Jessica.  Not the world’s biggest zoo but it is very well laid out and there are some nice touches like the tarzan trail for older children.   We went on a misty day and as often happens on a wet day here the weather had cleared by lunchtime, however with our water proofs and lots of trees to protect us we had a great time.  We really liked the petting area and the cafe was very good too with lovely freshly prepared food.

Continuing on the food theme we also visited Griggs Cafe and shop.  The food in the Cafe was lovely, it tasted fantastic and it was really busy too.  We will certainly be going back to sample the breakfasts there in the very near future.

We also spent a few days down at Charlestown as the old fishing harbour is playing host to a Norwegian film crew at the moment.  The production company have taken over the whole of the harbour and have even added an island, forge and market stalls.  Whilst we were there we saw a young boy climb down the harbour wall and a scene where there are coming off a tall ship being filmed.  They even had real life geese, chickens, donkeys and Shetland ponies on set.  It was absolutely fascinating to watch it being film.

If you are not able to visit Cornwall for a while then you can see it as it’s best in Richard Curtis’ latest, and apparently final block buster – About Time.  The film is set in London and Porthpean, just down the road from here.  It was filmed down here last summer, so the wedding scene where it gets completely washed out is fairly accurate we think!  It is a brilliant film – Richard Curtis at his best – just take a box of tissues with you.