Splodge Clemo 1999-2013

It is never easy breaking sad news, and today we have very heavy hearts here at Tregongeeves.  Sadly we have had to say goodbye to our beloved pig Splodge.

Splodge was one of life’s characters who if you met once you would never forget.  The old chap joined the team here back in 1999.  Back then he was a sprightly soul who caused havoc  escaping and plotting how to make Judith work some more.

Over the years Splodge has lovingly greeted many of you with his dashing good looks and interesting teeth.  What Splodge lacked in looks he made up for in personality. Leave the gate open for a second and he would seize the moment making a mad dash for it.  It has been the highlight of one or two guest’s holidays watching Judith trying to round up a pig with just a small piece of bread to encourage him back to his home.

As many of you will know where Judith was going wrong was not waving black bananas in his face – his favourite treat which so many of you offered him over the years.

Splodge brought love, laughter and countless smiles to many faces both big and small over the years and he will greatly missed by us all.  We hope he is wading through mud  – eating black bananas to his hearts content in Piggy Heaven, he will be sadly missed. x x