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Moor nice weather

This week we have been blessed with stunning sunshine every day, with just a light wind every now and again it has been glorious.  Sadly it has changed a little for the weekend, but we are optimistic it will be nice again by Monday! Making the most of the weather Judith and Richard ventured out… Read more »


Hello,It is Heidi writing the blog today – I think I will be writing it over the summer months whilst Judith is super busy welcoming guests and tending to the ever growing number of animals.  I am Judith’s daughter-in-law and live at River Valley, but am up at Tregongeeves most days so I am sure… Read more »

Glorious sunshine!

My, hasn’t the weather been wonderful?  I was telling a guest this week that if it starts cloudy with what we call ‘mizzle’ in the morning, by about 11am it will be glorious sunshine.  If it starts sunny then usually it turns grey and damp.  Doesn’t always work, but I tend to believe it!  Hopefully… Read more »

Summer sun is here!

Heidi’s Ice Creamm Tricycle! Sorry I am a few days late with the blog this week, I have been away for the weekend with Alison, enjoying the sunshine!  It has been lovely and sunny here in Cornwall, and we are hopeful it might be here to stay (fingers crossed!). Last week we extended the chicken… Read more »

A few more new arrivals!

Hello there, Jemina and her friends! I am back after a lovely week away.  We visited the Appleby Horse Fair with our two friends, it really was very interesting with so much to look at and so many interesting people.  We managed to squeeze in some wonderful walks in around Hawkshead.  I am glad to… Read more »

The start of the feast week & festival season in Cornwall

It has been a busy week with Judith and John away, they have been having a nice time in Windermere.  Richard and I have learnt the ropes up at Tregongeeves, which is a lot to remember with so many animals and buildings to look after!  It is such a pleasure to welcome guests in each… Read more »

Enjoy this weather on a beach!

With Judith on a well deserved break this week in Windermere, Richard and I have been appointed as the official blog writer, animal looker-afterer, and house sitters!  This week has not been a good one on the animal front.  At River Valley we have something preying on our poor chickens and ducks.  This week we… Read more »

Lovely long Bank Holiday weekend

We are busy here both at Tregongeeves and River Valley Holiday Park over the Bank Holiday weekend.  On Monday we are playing host to the St Austell Rotary Club Duck Race.  We have been hosting the sponsored duck race for a number of years now, and hope this year we will get sunshine to enjoy… Read more »

Welcoming Tom & Tafty

Tom the duck taking a dip Hello there, I am pleased to report we have yet more additions to the flock!  Heidi & Alison have brought two new ducks – beautifully coloured- called Tom & Tafty.  Since the disappearance of my beloved white duck, Mr Duck (who is a female, but there was some confusion… Read more »

Tregongeeves expands…by ten!

Tom, my horse Goodness me, the animals are keeping me busy!  I am pleased to let you know the blue eggs hatched- all ten of them!  The chicks are such a beautiful colour, if you are visiting they are up in the paddock near the tennis court. They are ever so hard to take pictures… Read more »